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How to Find Your Drawing Style?

Every artist starts studying how to draw from theoretical knowledge. After a while, they utilize their theoretical knowledge while practicing various tricks and methods of drawing. And only when they realize they are familiar with all of these approaches do they study something different than what was mentioned during the course. Obviously, this particular stage is called self-development. In fact, self-development starts only after students or learners search out their own style. And exploring new approaches will lead to success. Here are some tips which will describe how to find your drawing style.

Discover Styles of Drawing to Develop Your Own

To learn from your own mistakes is really good, and not everyone is able to do it. But learning from someone else’s mistakes and adopting some experience from people’s faults also means a lot. The same principle is applied to art, too. If you want to develop and improve your skills, first of all, you should take a look at others. Find out different approaches from famous artists and try to apply them into your drawings. Be strict to yourself: do your best and never give yourself any excuses. In some time, you’ll definitely see the effect — you’ll admit that you can achieve particular goals in a shorter period of time. Each style should be refined thoroughly. And when you’re done — you will be ready for the next step. You’ll definitely observe different points of view, and you will know how to achieve the same goal but achieving it in another way, with other tools instead. Hence, you’ll create your own and unique style, and perhaps, this style even can be used by millions of artists in the future.

Find Out Famous Drawings That You Like

You’ve probably seen lots of paintings and drawings of various artists, and for sure, there are some of them which you admire, and they become your the most favorite pictures ever. Obviously, having some drawing experience, you now can notice some tiny details, which are not seen by, let’s say, beginners or non-professionals. Furthermore, you even know how to implement and repeat the same effect on your canvas. Isn’t this the beginning of the professionalism?

Visit Galleries and Exhibitions

One more obvious thing of how to get those masterpieces — is attending galleries and exhibitions. It’s not a secret that looking at a picture on the Internet is not the same as seeing it in reality. Real pictures expose the real colors which are really difficult to transfer through a computer display. Thus, regularly visiting galleries and exhibitions provides you with more space for new thoughts, and find new details, which you didn’t notice before. This is direct interaction which influences your style. As an alternative, you might also see new people there, who are also familiar with art techniques. Having a small talk, you can discover some new information which may never have been published or announced. Anyway, this information might be quite useful for you and your skills.

Read Relevant Books and Journals About Drawing

Consequently, reading particular books and journals will provide you with the newest information and art from different artists. Obviously all of them had the same way of improving their skills. Despite some of them being at the stage of having their own style, while the others are on their way, for sure, all of them will help you to recall something that you’ve probably forgotten and make you use this approach again.

Analyze Gathered Information

Every new seen art or read instructions should be thoroughly examined, so you won’t miss any detail and you can determine which techniques were used there. If you find unusual or unknown techniques or style, you should figure out how it was performed. Consequently, it gives you an opportunity to keep you updated and spot necessary details.

Сhoose Your Drawing Instruments

Despite having lots of experience and knowledge, you can’t perform it properly without having proper instruments. However, choosing the right instrument is quite a risky and challenging task, too. Sometimes, it can be found only after millions of trials and disappointments. Thus, I strongly recommend you visit the https://wowpencils.com web-site, where you can find all necessary information and advice on how to find the perfect instrument. This web-site is really helpful since all the information is given as a review and it compares products.

Start Practicing a Lot to Create Personal Style

The next stage is, obviously, starting practicing all of the learned techniques, which, in other words, means all theoretical art tricks should be applied to drawings. This would not be an easy task to do since you’ll need to continuously repeat achieving the same detail by various techniques and styles. Having lots of experiments and trials, as well as adding and mixing with plenty of techniques and your ideas, will help you to define and create something unusual. Finally, tedious work is worth — you’ll get a totally new and unique personal style.

How Long Does It Take to Make Own Drawing Style?

In fact, creating your personal style is a result of really hard and thorough work. In addition, lots of factors do play their role, too. However, the most important thing which crucially influences the speed of self-development and finding personal style is motivation. First of all, the desire to create something new and having enough experience to recreate something extraordinary are starters. That’s why an artist always searches out new ways of inspiration and sources where they can find new knowledge. Thus, there is no common statistics of how long it takes people to achieve their goals, particularly when they make their own drawing style.


Creating something brand new and different among the others is quite a challenging task. Every person has to put lots of his efforts in this quite long achievement, although, not everyone can pass such a life exam. Persistence is key! Learn relevant information, investigate, and always experiment — these will surely lead you to success.


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